SmartPower2 with 15V/4A PSU with 3pin US cord

SmartPower2 with 15V/4A PSU with 3pin US cord

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SmartPower2 with 15V/4A

SmartPower2 is a power-supply which has WiFi connectivity to control the voltage and switch on/off a connected device. You can also monitor the load current and power consumption remotely on your smartphone, tablet and PC.

Full guide, schematics, PCB layout file and detail information are available on our WiKi :

SmartPower2 Package

A. SmartPower board
B. Acrylic piece (short circuit protection
against conductive surfaces)
C. 16x2 LCD module
D. 1x5mm PCB spacer, 2x3mm screw
E. DC plug cable assembly 2.5mm
F. DC plug cable assembly 5.5mm
G. 15V/4A power supply unit
H. Micro USB cable

Board Detail 

Smart2 Power Board Detail

Ensure the DC plug cable is properly connected to negative(black) and positive(red)
Caution! if you plug it the other way, your board will be seriously damaged. 

SmartPower2 XU4SmartPower2 C2

Control and monitor your device power wirelessly.

SmartPower2 iPhone


WiFi MCU module ESP12E
Output Interface USB Host, terminal block(+, -)
Terminal Block Output Voltage DC 4 ~ 5.3V in 100mV step
Terminal Block Maximum Output Current 5A
USB Host Port Output Voltage DC 4 ~ 5.3V in 100mV step
USB Host Port Maximum Output Current 1A
DC-Jack Input Voltage 9~15V
Measurement Voltage, Current, Watt, Watt-Hour
Display 16×2 I2C Character LCD (detachable)
Wireless WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz 
Dimensions 52x46mm
Weight 18g, 58g(with LCD)