8GB MicroSD UHS-1 C1+

  • $8.00


MicroSD UHS-1 C0 / C1 / C1+

Android, or Linux

for ODROID-C0 / C1 / C1+

Manufacturer Part Number : Sandisk SDSDQAD-08G/16G
Interface : UHS-1 SDR50

Sequential Write speed : 10MB/sec
Sequential Read speed : 40MB/sec
Pre-installed Android 4.x, OR Ubunto 14.04, (or latest versions). 
Ready to run out of the box

Capacity of the Micro-SD

16GB MicroSD UHS-1 C1+/C1/C0 Android or Linux - $14
  8GB MicroSD UHS-1 C1+/C1/C0 Android or Linux - $  8

Insert the SD Card in this way

microSD card slot

Storage I/O comparison

To obtain the results in the storage I/O comparison graph, type the following lines at a command prompt. The first command tests the write speed, and the second command tests the read speed:

$ dd if=/dev/zero of=test.tmp oflag=direct bs=500K count=1024 

$ dd if=test.tmp of=/dev/null iflag=direct bs=500K count=1024

C1+ eMMC module performance


Media access performance RPi2 Model B ODROID-C1+
eMMC Read (MB/s) NA 62.2
eMMC Write (MB/s) NA 25.1
MicroSD UHS-1 Read (MB/s) 19.2 32.5
MicroSD UHS-1 Write (MB/s) 13.1 14.2


If you use the eMMC storage, you can get about two to three times faster storage I/O read performance. However, an affordable microSD UHS-1 card can still achieve reasonably fast speeds thanks to the advanced SD 3.01 host controller in the S805 processor. The MicroSD card read performance on C1+ is still about 1.7 times faster then RPi if you use the UHS-1 memory card.