32GB eMMC Module C2

  • $37.50

* Get the eMMC Module Reader or USB3.0 eMMC Module Writer (sold separately)

eMMC Module C2  Android & Linux

Pre-installed Android OS or pre-installed Ubuntu OS
Ready to run out of the box

eMMC Version 5.0 interface or higher version from Samsung. 
JEDEC/MMCA version 5.0 : HS400 interface with 8bit DDR mode. 
The eMMC chipset is only compatible with Amlogic S905 and S805 series(ODROID-C1+ / C0 / C2)

This eMMC chipset is not compatible with ODROID-XU4 / XU3 / U3 / U2 / X series

Schematics : http://dn.odroid.com/eMMCModule/

** eMMC Module Reader is sold separately.  To purchase, visit the eMMC Module Reader product page.

eMMC Reader  

You need the above eMMC Module Reader to update the OS of the eMMC Module. Transcend USB multi-slot SD Card reader in the below picture is not included. 

eMMC reader M 

eMMC Reader Tran M 

eMMC Reader Tran 2m 

More about the eMMC Module : https://wiki.odroid.com/accessory/emmc/emmc

Storage I/O comparison 

To obtain the results in the storage I/O comparison graph, type the following lines at a command prompt. The first command tests the write speed, and the second command tests the read speed: 

$ dd if=/dev/zero of=test.tmp oflag=direct bs=500K count=1024 
$ dd if=test.tmp of=/dev/null iflag=direct bs=500K count=1024

c1 eMMC

Media access performance RPi2 Model B ODROID-C1+
eMMC Read (MB/s) NA 62.2
eMMC Write (MB/s) NA 25.1
MicroSD UHS-1 Read (MB/s) 19.2 32.5
MicroSD UHS-1 Write (MB/s) 13.1 14.2

If you use the eMMC storage, you can get about two to three times faster storage I/O read performance. However, an affordable microSD UHS-1 card can still achieve reasonably fast speeds thanks to the advanced SD 3.01 host controller in the S805 processor. The MicroSD card read performance on C1+ is still about 1.7 times faster then RPi if you use the UHS-1 memory card.

This is wrong. You can find the eMMC Module connector just beside the microSD Card slot.

WRONG way to have eMMC module connector beside SD card slot