3.5 inch Touchscreen Shield

3.5 inch Touchscreen Shield

  • $27.00


3.5 inch Touchscreen Shield 

Fully assembled 3.5 inch 480x320 pixels TFT LCD display with  a resistive touch overlay. Just plug it on top of ODROID-C2/C1+/C0.

ODROID-XU4 needs the Shifter-Shield board to use this display.

You will need an official Ubuntu image to configure it.

Please follow the step by step guide from the WiKi. https://wiki.odroid.com/accessory/display/3.5inch_lcd_shield/3.5inch_lcd_shield

Note: this display is NOT compatible with Android platform.

Board Detail

3.5inch Touchscreen Shield Board Detail

3.5inch Touchscreen Shield with Stylus


You can place the RTC Shield on the bottom side of the LCD Shield PCB. The RTC Shield must be purchased separately.

3.5inch Touchscreen Shield RTC

3.5inch Touchscreen Shield 1

3.5inch Touchscreen Shield 2


LCD Interface Parallel 8-bit
Touch Screen Resistive
Touch Screen Controller SX865X (I2C)
LCD Active Area 98.96(H) x 73.44(V)mm
Backlight LED
Resolution 480 x 320 pixels
LCD Controller ILI9488
Board Size 95(H)x56(V)x17(T)mm
Weight 54g










* Limitations
- GPU/VPU Hardware acceleration required OpenGL-ES and Video playback are not supported.
- The frame rate is around 10~15FPS due to slow GPIO toggling speed.

Special Case for the Shield 

3.5inch Touchscreen Shield Special Case