5V/6A Power Supply Unit with 3pin Europe cord

  • $15.00


5V/6A Power Supply Unit with 3pin Europe cord

for the ODROID-XU4, -XU4Q and HC1

(not compatible with ODROID-C2, C1+ or C0)

High quality stable and low noise power supply for XU4.

When you connect an external 2.5inch HDD/SSD to XU4 or using the CloudShell,
the bundle 5V/4A power supply is not enough to supply stable power.
We strongly recommend using this 5V/6A PSU to improve system stability.

AC 100~240 Volt input
DC 5Volt / 6A output
Switching mode power adaptor
DC Plug specification : inner(positive) diameter 2.1mm and outer(negative) diameter 5.5mm
AC Adapter : weight 250g, length 100cm

**3pin Power Cord Europe plug is included

The design of the power supply could change without notice.

5V6A Power Supply 5V6A Power Supply