DATA Transfer : FTP (Part IV)

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This is a continuation of blog posts :  Part I / Part II / Part III

Step 6 DATA Transfer : FTP

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network.

Enable FTP on OMV. 

Services > FTP > Settings tab
General settings > Enable 
Advanced settings > Passive FTP > Enable 
Transfer log > Enable transfer log
Save and Apply

I need to enable the shared folder.

Services > FTP > Shares > +Add > Enable > select Shared folder > Save

Note: Don't do this more than once. If you do, you may get an error message saying this shared folder already exists. If you run into this problem, then just x Delete the shared folder and try again.

FTP on my server is enabled. I can simply communicate from/to my server to/from different browsers on my MacBook and smartphone!!

Notes: At this point, your device - computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. - will have to be on the same network to work with the HC1 server. Usually, at home, you will have just one network router so it should not be an issue. Also, when asked for authentication and password, these will be the your User name and password (both case sensitive) that you set up in Part II.

On my MacBook, just enter my network address starting with [ftp] (yours might be different)


Enter User Name and Password > OK

On Chrome

on my smartphone, I have installed an app.

I have installed FTP Sprite on my iPhone. 

For Android smartphone, ES File Explorer is recommended. 

From your device, you can now send photos, videos, files at lightning fast speeds onto your personal ODROID-HC1 server!! Congrats!

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  • Hi Raymond,
    It is still internal network. I have some difficulties to setup port forwarding due to firewall.

    Lisa on
  • Just order a Odroid-HC1 going to install this openmediavault and test it out. Looks like will be good.

    I guess you can ssh to it and even use “apt install” things. Like I guess could install plex, Webmin, phpBB, WordPress, Logitech Media server, phpsysinfo, gallery2 and other headless server things.

    Raymond Day on
  • I guess your only using FTP on your LAN right? You know it’s not good over the WWW. Can use ssh or https for that.

    Raymond Day on

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