Build my own home server with ODROID-HC1 for a large amount of multi-media data (Part III)

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This is a continuation of blog posts :  Part I / Part II

Step 5 - DATA Transfer : SMB

I can share the server with my work group using SMB. The Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol is a network file sharing protocol, and as implemented in Microsoft Windows, is known as Microsoft SMB Protocol.

SMB/CIFS > Enable > Save

Then, add a shared folder. 

Shares > Add > Enable > select a Shared folder > Save

Click Apply and I can see my shared folder. 

I will access my server from my MacBook. 

Note: If you have two or more of the same shared devices or folders, your MacBook may rename one for you. For example, if you have two ODROID-HC1s attached to the router, it will recognize the first as odroidxu4 and name the second one, odroidxu4-2, to differentiate the two. If you do not see the two automatically, try rebooting your computer/device.


Open Finder and check SHARED. I can see the shared server of odroidxu4 which is the ODROID-HC1! Click Connect As and enter Name and Password which is the User name and password that I registered above at my server side (in Part II).

(On a Windows PC, you will look for File Explorer and check Network for your server.)

I can now create folders and transfer files from/to my MacBook to/from the ODROID-HC1 server. 

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  • Hi Rick,

    It’s great to hear that these instructions helped you setting up OMV.

    Lisa on
  • Lisa,
    Thanks so much for this 3 part tutorial on getting OMV up and running on the HC1. You made it perfectly clear for me and everything seems to be working. I’m a newbie to Linux even though I’ve dabbled with a little over the years. I made an account and hopefully will be visiting often.

    Great job!

    Rick on

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